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Registration for Warm-ups and Tryouts 


U12-U15, Aug 21,23, 6-8pm, Logos Fellowship Centre, $35.

U16-U18, Aug 21,23, 8-10pm, Logos Fellowship Centre, $35.


U12. Sept. 10, 10am-12pm. Sept. 12, 6-8pm. Logos Gym, $35.

U13. Sept. 10, 10am-12pm. Sept. 14, 6-8pm. Logos Gym, $35.

U14. Sept. 10, 12-2pm. Sept. 12, 6-8pm. Logos Gym, $35.

U15. Sept. 10, 12-2pm. Sept. 12, 6-8pm. Logos Gym, $35.

U16. Sept. 10, 2-4pm. Sept. 14, 6-8pm. Logos Gym, $35.

U17. Sept. 9, 12-2pm. TPASC. Sept. 14, 8-10pm. Logos Gym. $35.

U18. Sept. 9. 9-11am TPASC. Sept. 14, 8-10pm. Logos Gym. $35.

Welcome to the Evolution Volleyball Club (EVC); a complete service, volleyball club. We are invested in the large picture advancement of all of our players.   Our program offerings are available on a year round basis (indoor and beach), our coaching staff are experienced, qualified and certified. We operate in a single facility to accommodate our competitive, select and development divisions. Our key focus is to achieve wins through skill development and refinement, at high intensity while preserving the enjoyment of the experience for every player. Our investment in winning will always be a secondary gain to the development of character.


 EVC launched in 2012, with an understanding that people, young people in particular, learn best when they are already doing well. The premise of a fun experience, while developing meaningful relationships was appealing to many players.

Founded by Level 3 coach, Chris Wildling and Level 2 coach Rick Wagner, a new experience in competitive volleyball for youth was being redesigned in Toronto East.

In 2014, EVC formed an incredibly positive relationship with Bluffs Performance (BP), a sports fitness driven company providing broad athletic experiences to children, youth and adults. Recognizing that diverse exposure to a multitude of sporting experiences was advantageous to all young athletes, EVC and BP worked in complement to one another on Bluffer’s Park Beach facilitating a multi-sport beach camp, developmental volleyball instruction and evening house league beach volleyball.

In 2016, Chris Wilding was offered and accepted the head coaching position for Trent University’s Men’s Volleyball Team. As he made arrangements to enter this exciting new position, he reached out to BP with a proposal that BP be involved with EVC on a year round basis. With a common understanding that the fundamental values of both organizations would dovetail nicely with one another, BP was excited to accept the founding members’ offer.

BP is moving forward with EVC and the fantastic staff that have developed the club from day 1. Particularly excited about the added resources that are now available to the club, EVC will be developing in size and in services and are proud to be doing so in South Scarborough.


 Development – Players new to volleyball wanting to develop skills, fundamental to gameplay.

 Select – Players vying for a position in the competitive stream but need some improvement are encouraged to enroll in our Select stream. An in-house league designed for players to develop in skills while getting real, in-game experience.

 Competitive – Players that have acquired the skills needed for gameplay against players who are competing for wins. A season will include two practice sessions per week in addition to Tournaments on scheduled weekends.

 Evolution Competitive Teams

 Girls – u12, u13 ,u14,u15, u16, u17, u18  
 Boys –  u14/u15  

Athlete Resources

Beach – available Tuesdays and Wednesdays in June, July and August. Players will perform skills development drills and gameplay coached sessions with a certified beach coach within their individual age group.

Beach Camp – Ideal for young people between the ages of 8yrs and 14yrs.  Kids train daily in fitness, beach volleyball, stand-up paddle boarding, slack-line , ultimate Frisbee, high intensity games while cooing off regularly in clean lake water.  High School students who are in need of community service hours for graduation are eligible to complete their hours with the Bluffs Performance team.  Summer employment is available to University students who have an interest in serving younger people in a very dynamic, picturesque, physically demanding setting.

Warm-Ups (Scheduled in accordance with OVA regulations) – Warm-up sessions for the upcoming indoor season will be available for players from all clubs. These sessions are designed to prepare players for try-outs, increase touches, refine form and improve confidence.

Try-outs (Scheduled in accordance with OVA regulations) – 3 Try-out sessions will be hosted by EVC. Each session will be 2 hours in length, coaching staff will be in place to speak with parents and answer any questions pertaining to fees, schedules, tournaments and balancing player game time.

Fitness Training – Fitness training will focus on the development of mobility, speed, strength, endurance and explosive power. Players interested in addressing their vertical leap, shoulder strength, hitting and fatigue during gameplay are ideally suited to these once per week sessions.


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