Outdoor Education (Beach Days)

Created by a 70 million-year-old ice age, the Scarborough Bluffs exist today as a sensitive eco-system, struggling to survive on the edge of a massive cityscape. With stretches of beach that date back 12 thousand years, the care of the Bluffs is of the utmost importance in a City that is bursting at the seams with development.

Home to more than 350 species of fauna, the Scarborough Bluffs abound with wildlife which includes birds, mammals, reptiles/amphibians, fish and insects. Also a major migratory source for butterflies and birds, plantings are essential for habitat. Loss of habitat leaves our wildlife at their most vulnerable.

So how do we get our message out to young people without feeling like they are being lectured?

We ask schools to bring students to the Beach and let them play here for the day. They will experience soft sand between their toes, a glistening massive lake with a beautiful backdrop that is the Bluffs. The programs and play that we offer in a Beach Day are pure joy! Students will develop skills, have fun, run and laugh and leave with marvelous memories and a message of care for the place that has provided them with such a fantastic experience.

Our Beach Day programs include Ultimate Frisbee, Beach Volleyball, Beach Soccer, Fort Knox and Explore the Shore. Students are advised to bring a lunch with snacks, water for proper hydration and sun protection (incl. sun block, sunglasses, light clothing and rainwear if forecasted).

Space is limited to the warm weather in June and September. Book now and treat your students a phenomenal, one of a kind field trip!

  • $12/pp
  • 9:30 am – 2pm
  • Mon-Fri ( June 2017 )
  • An excursion to Bluffer’s Park Beach for students to celebrate a year filled with accomplishments and the completion of another school year!
  • Activities will include: Beach Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Fort Knox, Yoga, Group Games and, an Explore the Shore Excursion