July 4th – , August 25, 2017 – $350/wk


Community friends and partners.


Welcome to Beach Camp!

Back for our third season, this is the camp of all camps! We promise to deliver happy, exhausted, fit young athletes at the end of every day! Everyday, your son/daughter will experience fitness training, volleyball, stand-up paddle boarding, ultimate frisbee and high intensity games. Everyday they will leave exhausted, fit and filled with an unparalled summer experience!

If you’ve never been to the beach, it’s located at the east end of Bluffer’s Park at the foot of Brimley Road. There’s plenty of parking and our site and the beach is visible the moment your feet touch the sand.

Feel free to contact us at anytime, we’re open most days from 6 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday.
Phone: (416) 666-0102

Drop-off / Pick-up Times

Camp starts at 9:00 am and ends at 4 pm.
Camp members may arrive at any time after 8:30 am if this is more convenient.
Pick-up time is between 3:45 pm and 4 pm. If you are late in arriving for pick-up,  please notify us in advance as we will have to make arrangements to have a staff present after hours.  Our late pick-up fee is $5/10 min.

General Information

Fitness Demands – Our programs are scaled to the individual. Our athletes possess different attributes, which creates variability in their athletic performance.  It would be unfair to set-up programming that does not recognize the inequality from one individual to the next.  We factor in developmental stages, physicality literacy, cognition, aggression/passivity and competitiveness

Re-Hydrating and Re-Fuelling – The combination of physical activity, sun exposure and heat make re-hydrating essential. Water is excellent and preferable to sugary, dye coloured drinks.  Sports drinks that have low sugar, no artificial colours and are high in nutrients are ideal.  We recommend RE7, which can be purchased at Walmart or through Bluffs Performance.As for re-fuelling, the best options are proteins (chicken, beef, fish, pork, eggs and beans), carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables).

Please ensure your son/daughter has a reusable water bottle (along with a litter-less lunch).  We are supplying a large water container should anyone run out.  We are trying to eliminate the use of bottled water as a small contribution to environmental care.

Clothing and Accessories:

  • a light T-shirt or sunshirt/rashguard 
  • a hat
  • board-shorts and bathing suits (the lake water is clean and a great way to get a quick cool down.   Lifeguards are on duty.
  • Sunglasses (polarized lenses cut the glare and better protect the eyes.)
  • Sunblock – SPF 50 or higher
  • Flip flops, sandals, water shoes, socks (for extremely hot sand)
  • A towel to dry-off or wipe-off sand

Bad Weather – If there is no safety concern reported or witnessed we stay on the beach (in light rain). In an emergency, we make our way to the local Marina restaurant and remain in place until safety concerns pass.  If dangerous weather is forecasted in advance, we plan alternate indoor programming for the day.

Valuables  Our camp members will be responsible for any of their own valuables that are lost or stolen. We strongly recommend leaving valuables at home.

Safe Arrival Process – If your child will miss a day of camp due to illness or another reason, please give us a call to let usknow: Wade McAlister (416) 666-0102. If your son/daughter is absent in the morning, we will call the contact numbers you provided upon registration to ensure that campers are accounted for.

Sign In/Sign Out – All of our camp members will need to be signed in when they arrive and signed out upon departure. Please bring ID at departure just in case one of our staff doesn’t recognize you and needs to confirm that if you are not the guardian, you are authorized by the guardian to be responsible for pick-up.

Medication – If any of our camp members require Epi-Pens or inhalers, they need to be with them at all times. We will provide a cooler for storage and they will be kept at our first aid station.

Accidents and Illness – If your child is seriously injured or involved in an accident, we will notify you once the appropriate emergency services have been contacted. If your child becomes ill while at camp, we will notify you and work together to find a solution that best meets the needs of your child and the other campers.  

Beach Camp Community and Behaviour – At our Beach Camp we think it’s really important that kids understand the role they play in their own success and the success of others. People are able to learn the best and achieve the most when they feel safe to test themselves. A supportive community must exist for this to happen.  By supportive community we mean one that is free from bullying, teasing, colluding, insults and pranks intent on humiliating others.  Our camp members are expected to be supportive of one another and even during disagreements, our expectation is that a resolution must be found without hostility and leaving other camp members feeling unsafe.If your son or daughter gets openly frustrated or sulks in the face of loss or potential loss and has a tendency to turn on peers, they will be getting regular feedback from staff limiting the lashing out behaviour and promoting positive alternatives. Should any conflicts between peers arise, staff will intervene as non-intrusively as necessary and we’ll work towards a resolution and report this to the guardian upon pick-up.  After speaking with the parents/guardian, if conflicts continue to arise with one or more individuals, he/she/they will no longer continue to partake in Beach Camp.  Should this be the case, any unused days from the week of camp will be refunded to the guardian.  

Beach Camp 2017 – It’s been 4 years since we launched Beach Camp and we are incredibly proud of the program we provide, the community we represent and the kids we serve. Our goal with every sunrise is to provide a signature summer experience that kids identify with for years to come.  We are shaping summer memories and we are building a positive identity within Scarborough!