Paddle Canada

  • Experience the extraordinary beauty of the Scarborough Bluffs. An incredibly rare perspective as most visitors enjoy the Bluffs from the shore. Tour leaders will provide info regarding the history of the Bluffs, landmarks, and proposed development.
  • All standup paddleboarding bookings are made by appointment for 1.5hr tours, tours include all equipment (pdf, paddle, leash, board)
  • Valuables can be placed in a drybag (provided) and kept with the tour leader in a cargo carrier mounted to the board.
  • Tour leaders will provide instruction and orientation to use of equipment, proper stroke movement, water/wind conditions, travelling as a group and safety measures.
  • All excursions travel eastward with a maximum distance to the Wreck of the Alexandria, wind and current will determine our turnaround time.



4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm


  • $50 for a one and a half hour, single person tour.  Receive a 30% discount per person when two or more people register.


  • This system is set-up primarily to serve families and family members. So when you sign a friend up and the text box asks for Name of Child or Parent, go ahead and write your friend’s name in that space or have them do the same. Your GROUP will be regarded as a Family – the system won’t know the difference and you and all your friends will get a nice discount.
  • The 1st person needs to create a group profile under MY FAMILY, which allows all group members to be listed.
  • Additional group members must sign-up under the group profile found in MY FAMILY.
  • The discount will be automatic – no promo codes whatsoever.

(A 2nd staff will be added for groups larger than 3 when beginners are participating in any of our excursions. A $40 fee will be applied.)