About our Beach Season Programs

Beach Camp

Our beach programs take full advantage of the incredible Bluffer’s Park beach which is accompanied by exciting views of the Bluffs and Lake Ontario. We are very fortunate to not only be able to host various fun activities at this location, but the environment is also very conducive to the development and progression of our hard working athletes. Furthermore, with a full day of beach camp or a heated evening of competitive and instructional volleyball, we aim to provide effective programming that is flat-out fun and inclusive.

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Standup Paddleboarding

Experience the extraordinary beauty of the Bluffs while on a standup paddleboard! This is an incredibly rare perspective as most visitors enjoy the Bluffs from the shore. Tour leaders will provide info regarding the history of the Bluffs, landmarks, and proposed development during the excursion. All standup paddleboarding bookings are made by appointment for 1.5hr tours. All excursions travel eastward with a maximum distance to the Wreck of the Alexandria, wind and current will determine our turnaround time.

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Beach Season