About the Beach Kids Project

The Beach Kids Project came about as part of an effort on our part to represent as many Scarborough kids as possible.  While our Beach Camp has attracted many kids from the community, there are deserving kids in Scarborough that can’t access the program due to financial constraints.  We created the Beach Kids Project as a means of fully funding a week of Beach Camp.  In 2016, Bluffs Performance Athletics formed a relationship with the East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club (ESBGC) under an agreement that all funds collected for the Beach Kids Project would be sent to the ESBGC where it will be held in trust, to be accessed by kids from the club to register for a week of Bluffs Performance Beach Camp.

If you would like to donate to the Beach Kids Project, click on the ESBGC icon below.  Click the, “Donate” button and the ESBGC system will guide you through the rest.  Please make sure that you identify, “Bluffs Performance: Beach Kids Project”, in the notes section of the ESBGC donation page.